Why should you move to Private Cloud today.

All organizations are rapidly moving their operations to the cloud. Cloud architecture offers major benefits in cost, performance, availability, scalability, and security. Most of the cloud vendors, provide several types of cloud infrastructure, such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, poly cloud, and distributed cloud. Often, organizations slow down on their cloud journey fearing two important factors: cost and security.

Private cloud stands apart in the race of cloud infrastructure. We explore the strong benefits that a private cloud infrastructure can offer to your organization.

Security: Irrespective of the industrial domain you operate in, the core of your business is your data. The security offered by the Private cloud is unmatched by any other form of infrastructure setup. You get the benefit of having your own custom security needs to be implemented on top of the standard security practices. The best part is that all this is taken care of by professionals and experts in the security domain.

Flexible and Fast onboarding: As your technology stack and workload expands, you need to ramp up your infrastructure as well. If the rate of infrastructure procurement is slow, it could be detrimental to your business growth. Procuring hardware and managing everything is a costly affair. Private cloud offers a quick and easy way to get a customized infrastructure at the speed that you require with flexible pricing options. And all you need to do is subscribe to the correct services.

Hosted and Managed Services: You use the services of a Private cloud and outsource your infrastructure woes completely. All your infrastructure concerns are taken care of by the service provider, such as the data center, networking, electricity, safety, and more. The service provider manages the entire setup and ensures that your platforms always meet your SLO and SLI requirements.

Backup and Recovery: Your data is absolutely safe at all times with reliable backup and recovery solutions. Following the industry norms and customer requirements, backup is performed regularly, and multiple copies are maintained safely. Your data and application integrity and safety are always ensured by the cloud provider. You can forget about all your worries about what could go wrong and focus on your business activities.

Cost: Reducing the cost of operations is one of the key objectives of every organization. Private cloud service helps you reduce the TCO of your infrastructure and not increase your operational cost either. You can reserve and hire infrastructure services on a need basis and pay for only what you use. Even short-term projects can be executed with ease without having to worry about sudden infrastructure needs.

With the help of Private Cloud, you get professional services in the infrastructure domain right in your footsteps. It is fully customizable to your needs and completely safe.

How MoonSpace can help?

How MoonSpace can help

We provide end-to-end Cloud solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Our world-class data centers are based out of Australia and provide round-the-clock services to our customers. We also assist our customers with assessing their requirements and selecting the correct set of services and capacity. We keep the cost-benefit and security for the customer solutions as our top priority apart from other managed services on the cloud. We also take care of all local legal norms and compliances for your data and solutions.

Contact us here , and we will get back to you with flexible cost-effective solutions specially designed for you.