Private Cloud Solution

Moonspace provides complete IT cloud solutions. Ease of management, scalable, secure, efficient and simplified solutions to optimise your business needs.

Cloud Services

IT can be complex, but our suite of cloud services keep everything simple for you.

Because your entire IT network – hardware, software and applications – is hosted in a tier 1 data centre, we can deliver highly reliable and technically advanced solutions at a more cost-effective price than traditional premise-based solutions.

Our solutions include:

Managed Cloud Services

Our experienced IT professionals set up and manage your complete network for you so you can focus on doing what you do best while we make sure your network always does what it’s supposed to do. We keep a close watch on your network statistics, so you’ll never run out of storage and everything is kept up to date.

Server Hosting

If you have your own in-house expertise and just need a dedicated server hosted in the cloud, we can customise your set up tools, CPU, memory and backups to meet your specific requirements.

Application Hosting

Moonspace’s application hosting solutions allow your applications to be available from remote infrastructure. That’s instant, secure and reliable access to your applications on a 24×7 basis for all of your users, regardless of location.

Server Co-location

If you already have your own infrastructure, or you just want more control, Moonspace can provide you with rack space in a secure data centre. We can also help you to maintain and manage your servers if you would like us to.

Data Centre Operations

Moonspace ensures your on-premise data centre operations run efficiently by managing its’ systems and workflows, keeping everything responsive and cost-effective. This includes installing and maintaining network resources, ensuring data centre security and monitoring all of your data centre systems.


Virtualisation is the process of making software-based representations of servers, applications and networks. It allows a physical computer to host multiple virtual machines as guests who share computer resources, and it’s an effective way for businesses to reduce IT expenses and boost efficiency and agility.

Managed IT Services

When you outsource your IT requirements to Moonspace we become your virtual IT team, here for you when you need us and monitoring your network to ensure it’s as reliable as possible. With our managed IT services, you get all of the benefits of optimised IT infrastructure without having to hire extra internal staff or stretch existing resources. At Moonspace our business focus is to work with our clients to ensure the delivery of world-class services that improve business performance Our Managed IT services include:

Help Desk

Support for you and your team whenever you need it. Just call or email and one of our friendly support team will be happy to assist you.

SLA Support

Our support contracts include service level agreements that we use to monitor the service we’re providing to our clients. We prefer individual contracts that specify the services we’ll deliver but we can also provide ad hoc support if that better meets your needs.

24x7 Monitoring

The best infrastructure in the world is worthless if you can’t rely on it to be efficient and available. IT networks can be unpredictable, but we can provide 24×7 monitoring services to ensure your solution is always running smoothly.

Expert Advice

Our technical team undertake regular training and stay on top of industry developments so we can map technology advances to each client’s needs and offer expert advice to ensure the right technologies are implemented to give your business an edge.

Backup and Recovery

We work with each of our clients to understand what’s important to them and what the impact of lost data could be. From there, we develop a backup and recovery plan so you know that if disaster strikes, we can roll back to an earlier version of your data. Backups can occur daily or hourly depending on your needs.

IT Security

The protection of your hardware, software and electronic data is paramount. Cyber security is one of the major challenges that many businesses face but all of our solutions are designed to keep you safe from vulnerabilities and attacks.


Voice and data converged more than a decade ago, combining these two complementary technologies to drive costs way down and deliver increased benefits to business.

Our telecommunications services include:


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses technologies to transmit voice signals over the internet rather than the older, more traditional method of phone lines. Moonspace offers a cost-effective communication platform for business, featuring multiple simultaneous calls from one account, 99.99% uptime reliability and 24/7 monitoring.


The National broadband Network (NNB) is available throughout most of the country and is designed to vastly improve productivity. If your business is still stuck with outdated ADSL2+ broadband, Moonspace can migrate you to an NBN plan with unlimited data and speeds up to 100Mbps.

Unified Communications

Cloud-based Unified Communications brings big business functionality to smaller organisations at a scalable price depending on your requirements. Sophisticated functionality such as instant messaging, presence, VoIP, fixed-mobile convergence, videoconferencing and desktop sharing are all available through Moonspace’s Unified Communications solutions.


As you’d expect from an IT company with Moonspace’s expertise and experience, all of our solutions are fully customised to meet each of our customers’ individual needs. While many of the components may be similar across solutions, it’s the way those components come together that creates a unique technology outcome that’s exactly tailored for each business.


At Moonspace, one of our guiding principles is that efficient performance is the result of an integrated strategy that fits with business goals. That’s why we always ask a lot of questions before we recommend a course of action. We like to lift the lid a little so we can understand what makes your business tick, how things work, what systems and processes you have in place and how these contribute to the success of your business. Once we have a clear picture of where your business is today and where you’d like to be tomorrow, we develop a strategic IT roadmap to get you there.

Architecture / Solution Design

We specialise in aligning your business requirements with realistic and actionable IT solutions. We understand that value is created across a complex ecosystem of organisational hierarchies, operational needs and customer requirements, and our focus is to ensure that your IT systems are designed so they can deliver the right business tools and intelligence to everyone in the organisation who needs to access them.

Solution Implementation

The right project team can make all the difference between project success and failure and our proven track record of project management success speaks for itself. We are specialists in the full project lifecycle from initiation and planning through to execution and closing and our project staff are trained in Prince2 project management methodologies.

Service Management

Strongly performing IT infrastructure is at the heart of a strongly performing modern business – and we live and breathe performance. From performance reviews through to IT architecture design and disaster recovery planning, we have the right skills to make sure your infrastructure is on the right track. Through our service management consutancy service, we can advise you how to best manage your own ICT infrastructure and we can assist you in the migration and support of your data to other cloud providers.

Database Design & Management

Moonspace’s technical team have years of experience in database design and management. We work closely with our customers to understand all of the discrete data elements contained within the business including their relationships and interdependencies. Then we translate that information into a database design that meets system requirements.

Data Centre Design, Management & Relocation

Many businesses’ IT network solution involves a data centre, and its’ design is essential for ensuring smooth, uninterrupted business operations. Whether you’re setting up a new data centre or relocating out of an old one, Moonspace has the technical know-how to model, design and manage the data centre’s IT resources, architectural layout and infrastructure.