Are Hosted Private Cloud Services Really Better Than On-Premise Solutions?

Businesses today are witnessing a swift growth spurt owing to the advent of technology. They are looking for technological solutions that allow them to scale rapidly and work effectively. In order to match these growing demands, organisations inadvertently rely on various systems. This could be a choice between on-premise IT solutions or hosted private cloud services to boost productivity & efficiency. As per the hosting tribunal, almost 90% of companies are already on the cloud.  The entire cloud infrastructure spending surpassed a whopping $80billion in 2018. If you are an organisation looking to choose between a private cloud service and an on-premise solution, we are here to make your life simpler. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the two.

Defining Hosted Private Cloud Services & On-Premise Solutions.

On-premise Solutions :

An on-premise solution is when the organisation invests in their own hardware, servers, compatible software and devices for their processes. This implies they build their own infrastructure that is ‘On Premise’ at all times. This comes with a need for a dedicated IT staff and team competent to maintain the upkeep and troubleshoot on the go.

Hosted Private Cloud Solutions :

This is a rather simpler, effective and economical solution to run the business on a hosted private cloud network. Therefore, the organisations do not have to build their own IT infrastructure or resources. When it comes to private cloud solutions, firms have the privilege to get customised solutions for their specific needs. Due to the safety, privacy and convenience, firms are opting for private cloud solutions as compared to on-premise.

Reasons why the private hosted cloud is better than on-premise


While opting for on-premise solutions, firms need to invest heavily in IT resources and infrastructure (hardware & software). While upscaling or downscaling, this may prove to be a hindrance to the organisation considering the assets.

Whereas private hosted cloud solutions allow the business to opt for resources and deployment based on the available space demands. During scale up or scale down, organisations can choose to go for a pay-as-you-use model, thus always have solutions based on needs.

Economic Benefits

On-premise solutions are highly cost-heavy to organisations due to the need for hardware, software, technical experts, and space investment. Firms with substantial capital investment and can bear the brunt of recurring costs can afford on-premise solutions.

Private hosted cloud solutions significantly reduce the maintenance costs, IT infrastructure costs and ensure minimum downtime, thus proving to be economically beneficial to the organisation.


An organisations infrastructure needs to build in terms of accommodating the space needs for hardware and servers. Additionally, the firm also needs to hire highly specialised technicians that understand the functioning of such a system. Infrastructure Management for private cloud network is way more flexible, easy to scale up or scale down. The best part of hosted private cloud services that the server management is done by a third party, thus saving additional resources that would be otherwise required.

If you are a firm that is looking for much for flexible, customised and economical solutions that is tailor-made for your needs, then hosted private cloud network is a frontrunner in this category. Scale-up your business & productivity efficiently by opting for hosted private cloud network with ease.