Cloud Services: How to Pick the Best Provider for Your Business

The future of business rests in the hands of cloud services. It is one of the fastest-growing industries, which can be attributed to the immense benefit cloud services offer to businesses. Owing to the pandemic, the value & importance of cloud services are fully realised more than ever before. As per statistics published by the Hosting Tribunal, ‘94% of enterprises already use cloud’. This is a true testament to how cloud services are changing the way we do business. It is estimated that almost 30% of complete IT budgets are allocated towards cloud computing services.

When an organisation spends as much as 30% of its budget on cloud services, choosing the right service provider for the job becomes essential. Considering that the market is full of various types of cloud services and cloud services provider, this is a decision that can be tricky to make.

Here’s a quick checklist for you to ascertain and pick the right provider for your industry. Ensure they offer the following services :

  1. Managed Cloud Services: When it comes to managing the cloud, one small mistake or glitch can result in downtime that can cost organisations millions. It’s essential to pick a service provider with an experienced team on board handling managed cloud services. They ensure your network stays active and running optimally while always keeping a close watch on all kinds of cloud activity.
  2. Application Hosting: Look for a provider that offers hosting solutions. This allows you to use remote infrastructure within your firm. Application hosting enables your applications to run smoothly round the clock irrespective of your physical location.
  3. Data Centres: Based on your firm size, if you are looking for an on-premise solution, then it becomes essential to keep surging IT costs in mind. Choose a provider that offers data centre operations and helps you in everything from installation to maintenance of the firm’s network resources while constantly ensuring smooth functioning.
  4. Server Hosting: If your firm is already opting for in-house resources to manage your cloud, you just require someone to set up a dedicated server hosted on the cloud. Look for firms that help you with tool set up, memory requirements etc that is customised to the needs of your industry.
  5. Look for Virtualisation: Virtualisation is when your service provider assists you with the software-based representation of your entire network. This includes networks, applications and servers. This helps you reduce your IT expenses by closely monitoring the system and optimising it as required.

Besides this, it is essential to factor in pointers such as support, turnaround time, incident management protocols followed by cloud service providers. Companies such as Moonspace, a leading cloud service provider in Australia, have the experience & expertise along with hardware, server and software capabilities that help you run your organisations cloud needs safely. Look for a firm that acts swiftly in downtimes and ensures that your cloud services are met at economical rates.

If you are looking for a reliable, safe and expertise-oriented firm to manage your cloud needs, choose Moonspace. Contact us here, and the Moonspace team will get in touch with you shortly. It’s time to shift to the cloud.