Private Cloud Solution

Moonspace provides complete IT cloud solutions. Ease of management, scalable, secure, efficient and simplified solutions to optimise your business needs.

Our specific skills include:

Systems Architecture

  • Subject matter expertise for architecting and designing proto-types and transforming complex IT into commodity-based IT services through cloud computing.
  • Expertise in setting up best practices and standards of IT architecture, information security, information assurance, data reliability, data analytics. IT infra-management and data centre management.
  • Experience in handling complex business systems; critical business systems and legacy systems. Our team have successfully architected logical designs which in turn translate into physical architecture/s.

Cloud Services

  • Implementing workloads in multi cloud environment using Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS in hybrid environment
  • Facilitating network integration and migration to cloud platforms including validation, cleansing and archiving. This includes subject matter expertise to identify risks, interdependencies and exceptions by developing a mitigation strategy that is in alignment with customer architecture and framework.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Development and implementation of disaster recovery and business continuation processes

Consulting Services

  • Assisting organisations to achieve and maintain organisational certifications, such as PCI Compliance, security audits and remediation, SOX Compliance,
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures and assisting ISM Gap Analysis.
  • Business process improvement including problem definition, conducting feasibility studies and all elements of project design, product and process analysis and selection, design and evaluation, implementation, quality assurance and management

Managed IT Services

  • Managing ICT Infrastructure in shared services environment
  • Senior technical expertise managing IT services and systems, ensuring business strategic goals are achieved and data assets are supported based on organisational architecture and the future road map.
  • The provision of advanced technical support in the areas of research, cloud computing, business analysis, integration capabilities, and data base management.
  • Functional expertise and customer handling skills in order to ensure productivity, increased efficiency and the timely resolution of issues, ensuring overall customer satisfaction in all engagements.
  • Managing end user computing, mobility, connect and collaboration solutions
  • Managing user experience resulting from systems change, acquisitions and mergers and IT outsourcing